Every year the basketball club hosts and Alumni game where the old folk get to come play the current teams. The day is usually after the season ends, and the 2013 Alumni day will be announced nearer the time.


The 2012 Alumni day saw all three university teams take on two alumni men’s and one alumni women’s teams. The first game was purely for pride where both the men’s Alumni teams squared off for the days bragging rights. The white team won and therefore had the chance to play the mens 1st team later in the day, but the next game was between the women’s teams. The current team had a fantastic undefeated league season, and was hoping to carry on that form over to the final game of the their season. The current women’s team showed their form throughout the game, and took advantage of an Alumni team struggling to get on the same page as each other and ran out comfortable winners in the end.


It was then the turn of the men’s teams. The current 1st team looked to be in control of the game, but some outside shooting in the second half led a dramatic turn around. With the momentum with the Alumni team, they ended up closing out the game and running away with the win. This set up a finale with the score tied 1-1 for current vs alumni. The men’s 2nd team had a difficult season, yet were hopeful that they could provide the current students with an alumni day victory. The game however soon ran away from the second team, and the alumni men’s ended up comfortable winners and clinched the alumni trophy for another year.


Keep an eye out on the website in the new year for details of the 2013 alumni day!




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